Get a dose of Cead Mile Failte in these two friendly Irish cities

The 50 friendliest cities in the world have been named by Big 7 Travel and, naturally, there are two Irish cities included in the list.

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Cork and Dublin were named among the friendliest cities in the world in the annual ranking by Big 7 Travel that surveyed their social audience of 1.5 million people asking the question: “where you would find the friendliest city in the world?”


Cork came in 17th place. Of the Rebel County’s city, Big 7 wrote: “Cork is a charming and compact riverside city, where the chances of a stranger saying hi to you on the street are likely.”

Cork City (Getty Images)

Cork City (Getty Images)

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Ireland’s capital city of Dublin came in 6th place. Of it, Big 7 wrote: “For such a small city, Dublin packs a serious punch when it comes to friendliness. People here are good-natured, with a good sense of humor."

"Whether you’re lost or just looking for a chat in a pub, Dubliners will be on hand to help out. Locals even thank the bus driver – the perfect example of classic Irish warmth!”

Temple Bar in Dublin City (Getty Images)

Temple Bar in Dublin City (Getty Images)

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