The funeral of Irish radio and television personality Gerry Ryan took place today in Ireland.

Thousands of fans gathered to say their final goodbyes to the Irish broadcaster, who was found dead at his city center apartment in Dublin after what is believed to be a heart attack.

Amongst those in attendance were President Mary McAleese and General David Ashe, acting Chief of Staff for the Irish Defense Forces.

Ryan, 53, was removed from his family home in Dublin on Thursday morning and brought to St. John's the Baptist Church in Clontarf.

The funeral mass was held at 11.30 a.m. this morning.

Many of Ryan's friends and colleagues over the years attended the services, among them many Irish celebrities and prominent members of Irish life.

Ryan's coffin was carried into the church by his two sons Rex & Elliott, his two brothers Mick & Vincent and friends David Blake-Knox and Michael O’Connor.

His other children, Babs, Elliott and Bonnie read the prayers of the faithful along with his godchild Lucas.

His brother Manno and his two eldest children, Lottie and Rex handled the eulogies.

Sister in law, Neasa Ryan and a family friend, Robbie Wooten did the readings.

The mass was celebrated by Fr. Michael Collins, Fr. Dermot McCarthy, local parish priest Fr. Cormac McIlraith and a school friend of Gerry’s, Fr. Jack Harris.

The Dublin Gospel Choir, consisting of 24 strong singers, performed the Responsorial psalm.

They also sang “My Life, My Love, My All“ during communion.

One of Ireland's most popular boy bands, Westlife, performed "You Raise Me UP" after communion at the side of the Alter.

Ryan had a great relationship with the band through the years and gave them many a break when they were beginning their career.

As Ryan's body left the church, the Dublin Gospel Choir sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" followed by "O Happy Days."

Ryan was taken to Dardistown Cemetery where he was buried beside his parents in a family plot.

The graveside was restricted for family only.

A pipe player, Neilidh Mulligan, performed "Wings of my Soul" at the graveside as Ryan's body was laid to rest.
Ryan will be sadly missed by all of Ireland today.