An Irish American and Hispanic woman in California gave birth to rare biracial twins.

The fraternal twins were born to Ashley Ng and Kenika Ng, their African-American, Chinese, and Hawaiian father back in 2014.

Viviana has blue eyes and light brown hair and looks white like her mother, while Dennis has brown eyes and black hair and resembles his father.

Experts say the likelihood of having biracial twins is rare, but is possible when the parents are interracial or, in this case, biracial.

Ashley told ABC’s KXTV that people have asked her whether her babies have the same father.

"Some people are actually bold enough to ask that," she said. "More than often, they ask if they were naturally conceived."

She said she hopes her children will embrace their unique and distinctive qualities.

"Usually when people are interracial, they feel as if they have to identify with one or the other and I'd like them to embrace it even though they look completely different. So hopefully that will encourage them to do that as they get older."