The Ancient Order of Hibernians has slammed Amazon and Jeff Bezos for the sale of offensive Irish t-shirts. 

The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) is calling upon people of all ethnicities and heritages to contact Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at and call on him to remove the long list of products on which defame and disparage Irish Americans and their holiday of St. Patrick’s Day.

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Per AOH National Anti-Defamation Chairman Neil F. Cosgrove:

“Amazon has often publicly stated that it is committed to diversity.  CEO Jeff Bezos has been quoted as saying 'diversity and inclusion are not just good for business, but simply right.' 

"However, we are disappointed that Amazon does not live up to those noble sentiments when they promote merchandise promulgating the bigoted stereotype of “Irish” being a synonym for 'drunk'."

A statement from the AOH noted that the timing of the shirt's sale - in the lead up to St. Patrick's Day, added another layer of insult since it's also Irish American Heritage Month.

"As Americans of all backgrounds are recognizing the countless contributions which Irish American men and women have made to our nation during Irish American Heritage Month, Amazon is profiting by promoting multiple products denigrating Irish ancestry." it read.  

-          “[Expletive] Me I'm Irish”, ST. Patrick's Day Long Sleeve Shirt

-          “Kiss Me I'm Irish Or Drunk or Whatever” - Funny St Patrick's Day T-Shirts

-          Feelin Good Tees “So Irish My Liver Hurts”

-          Saint Patrick's Day T Shirt - Drunk O Meter Shirt (a gauge showing settings "Sober, Buzzed, Drunk, Smashed, Irish)

-          Funny "Drunk Livers Matter" Saint Patrick Day T-Shirt (promoted as being available in Child's size 4)

-          “Kiss Me I'm Irish Girl Wasted” Shirt St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt

"It is hard for us to reconcile a firm that makes great PR capital of 'empowering women through sponsoring “Girls that Code” with one that promotes during Irish American Heritage Month and Women’s History Month a product with “Kiss Me I'm Irish Girl Wasted.

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"We ask if Amazon would sell a “Drunk O Meter” shirt where the reading beyond smashed was any other ethnicity? We would hope not and would equally condemn it if they did. It is hard for us to fathom any responsible company selling products promoting binge drinking on any day.

"There is nothing subtle about these items, no benign alternative interpretation.  There is no explanation required for any reasonable person to understand the offensiveness of “F*** Me, I’m Irish”.  Humor based on ethnic stereotypes has been conspicuously rejected in our society when the subject has been other than Irish.  The Irish are no better than anyone else, they should certainly be treated no worse.

"We ask good and fair-minded people of all ethnicities to inform Amazon and Mr. Bezos that profiting from the ethnic stereotypes of the 19th century is unacceptable in the 21st. “