An Irish mother's mobile guide to activities for parents and kids has become a worldwide hit. Ann Brehony's mobile app called Ireland Are We There Yet? is a guide to fun things to do and see with your kids in Ireland, rain or shine.

According to the Herald the guide, which provides holiday time diversions for the easily bored, was launched last October in the Apple App Store and has successfully sold in more than 18 countries.

'The beauty of this product is that it's like a living, breathing, organic publication," mother-of-two Ann said. "I constantly update the material which keeps everything vibrant.'

Brehony told the Herald that the idea for the app came about while she was studying for her MA in publishing at NUI Galway. She completed a business plan for it as part of her course and then secured a publishing deal with American digital travel publisher, Sutro Media.

The latest version of her increasingly successful Ireland app, which is free to existing customers, has just appeared in the App Store 'and is already flying off the digital shelves,' Brehony said.

'Through the comments section in the app, I can enter into conversation with my customers and respond to their needs and experiences - initial feedback told me that people were looking for more things to occupy teens and older kids, so I was able to create a whole new section under the same tag.'

'As a mother of two, one of whom has special needs, I know how hard it can be to keep the kids amused all summer. This app was born out of my own need so I do understand what my customers want,' Ann said.

The App suggests places children will love to visit, car games to keep them amused, a nationwide listing of free outdoor play areas, the location of scavenger hunts and even car bingo.

An Irish mother's hit mobile app 'Ireland Are We There Yet?' is a guide to activities for parents and kids.Google Images