According to medical sources, the cost of terminations in Ireland after new legislation comes into place could cost approximately €300 ($350).

It is believed that abortion pills will be mainly used in future terminations carried out in Ireland.

It is expected that said pills will come under the drugs payment scheme, which sets a limit of €134 ($155) for any approved prescribed drugs or medicines. It is also reported that medical card holders will “likely” be able to access the pill for free.

At present, an abortion can cost an Irish woman anywhere from €400 ($465) to €1800 ($2092) - between travel fares to England, the procedure itself, and other miscellaneous costs associated.

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Under proposed legislation, abortions will require at least two appointments with a General Practitioner (GP) - however these will be more expensive than a routine doctor visit. It is believed that there will be no terminations carried out in Ireland until at least December/January.

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According to the Government's draft of a Bill published prior to Friday’s referendum, women wishing to seek an abortion may request one through their GP, Well Woman clinics, or services ran by The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA). After expressing that they wish to have an abortion, they must wait 72 hours.

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Dr. Mary Favier told the Irish Independent that it is likely that consultations for abortions will be “extensive, complex and lengthy”. While doctors fees could potentially vary, she estimates that it would be in the region of €100 for the first consultation and €80 for a second appointment.

In the UK, the abortion pill through private services such as Marie Stopes clinic costs €380. However, thousands of Irish women purchase it every year illegally through websites for around €70-€90.

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Health Minister Simon Harris will brief the Cabinet on the "accelerated timetable" on Tuesday.

Attorney General Séamus Woulfe's office has set a deadline of six weeks for drawing up laws based on the proposal presented to the public before the referendum.

Minister Harris said today that the legislation will be brought before the Dáil before the TDs break for the summer. It is hoped that given the highly profile debate that has already taken place that the bill will be passed quickly by the Oireachtas Health Committee.

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Meanwhile, the Health Products Regulatory Authority will research an appropriate source for abortion pills to be used in Ireland.