Revolution Brewery's newest release 'Adam's Best' is inspired by former Sinn Féin leader, Gerry Adams.

The innovative brewery, based in Chicago, has honored Adams with their latest beer addition.

The question on everyone's lips? How does Adams taste, of course.

According to the blurb, craft beer connoisseurs can expect something that's both "earthy" and "lightly toasty".

This 5.3% ABV blend has been brewed in the Best Bitter style, like the majority of India Pale Ales (IPAs) out there.

As per Revolution's website, brewers have used "Special B and Black malts for color and slight roast complexity."

"It is named for Gerry Adams, the president of Sinn Fein, who was instrumental in the development of the Belfast Agreement in the late 1990s, which brought a cease-fire to Northern Ireland," the website adds.

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While the beer is a so-called specialty brew from the company, it will be available year-round.

Revolution Brewery is Illinois' largest independently-owned brewery. The company makes dozens of different beer styles each year, from Belgian-style ales and barrel-aged beers to pilsners and porters.

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