Read more: Read more: Irish-born cop heads serial killer investigation

Investigators who helped snare serial killer Joel Rifkin along with FBI specialist profilers have been brought in to assist in the case of four dead women found on a beach road in Suffolk County.

The Suffolk Police Commissioner, Irish-born , Richard Dormer has said that identifying the victims will be critical for the investigation.

He said “We are looking at every missing person case in Suffolk County and surrounding communities. We’re looking at that as we speak.” 

Dormer, a native of Laois,  explained that examining who the victims are and how they died will bring them closer to catching the killer.

Earlier the Commissioner said there is little chance that any additional bodies will be found. He also confirmed that theymurders were likely the work of a serial killer.

Deputy Inspector William Neubauer told reporters last week that the police officers investigating the murders were not limiting themselves to any particular line of inquiry. He said “We have no idea whatsoever whether we're dealing with a serial…Anything is possible at this point, because there's so many unanswered questions."

However it now seems that the are certain they are dealing with a serial killer and have brought in experts and police involved in catching Joel Rifkin, who killed nine people.

The police believe that the four women found in Suffolk County were murdered elsewhere and taken to the dump site. Their remains were found on a narrow strip of land that divides the Great South Bay from the ocean, Ocean Parkway.

Neubauer believes that the investigation would take weeks.

Read more: Read more: Irish-born cop heads serial killer investigation