Emerald Park has revealed designs for two new rollercoasters set to open in the park in spring 2024.

The new steel intertwining coasters at Emerald Park will be located in Tír na nÓg, a new area set to open at the park next year. 

The larger of the two coasters will reach speeds of 90 km/h and will feature a minimum of five inversions, reaching heights of 32 meters. The ride measures 750 meters in length and has been described as a "suspended thrill coaster". 

The smaller ride is described as a "family boomerang", reaching speeds of 60 km/r with a highest track point of 25 meters. The "family-friendly riding experience" will be 450 meters long, Emerald Park revealed. 

Construction of the two rides began at the County Meath theme park, previously known as Tayto Park, in August 2022 and has created 85 jobs. 

Emerald Park has now unveiled 3D models of the two rollercoasters, which remain unnamed at present. 

@emeraldparkireland A little piece of this otherworldly legend comes to life 💫 Two new steel intertwining rollercoasters are landing at Emerald Park in Spring 2024🎢 The larger of the two, a Suspended Thrill Coaster, will have a track above riders heads, five upside down experiences, and speeds of 90km/h - it is not for the faint hearted! 😎 The second coaster offers a more family friendly riding experience 🤗 look forward to forwards and backwards runs on the track and through the station, dives, turns and speeds of 60km/h✨ A third classic theme park ride known as a Waveswinger will also find itself in the land of Eternal Youth💭 All attraction names are TOP SECRET🤫 watch this space as we unveil more of the legend of Tír na nÓg in the coming months… #emeraldpark #tirnanog #treasureawaits #themepark #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Emerald Park

Additionally, the new land of Tír na nÓg will also feature "a third classic theme park attraction" known as a Waveswinger. The new land, which references the Land of Eternal Youth from Irish mythology, will feature more food and retail options, creating 40 new jobs at the park. 

Emerald Park general manager Charles Coyle said the new land and rollercoasters are a result of five years of planning and investment. 

"We have been working on this for five years with a huge amount of thought, investment, design and research into this area and have taken every aspect of the theming and all audiences into consideration," Coyle said in a statement. 

"We will be keeping the 3D model at Emerald Park for the summer, but we are then going to take it out on the road at some central locations around the country so people can see exactly what to expect at Emerald Park in 2024."