Durex has issued a warning in Ireland as a result of shelf-life problems with certain batches of condoms.  

Durex has been forced to issue a recall on batches of condoms in Ireland and the UK after it emerged that shelf-life problems with a limited selection of their "Real Feel" and "Latex Free" condoms may cause them to burst.

"Our tests have shown that some batches which are currently on the market in UK & Ireland do not pass the requirements for burst pressure towards the end of the shelf life for the product," Durex said in a statement.

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The Health Products Regulatory Agency also said in a statement that the 2018-manufactured condoms do not pass requirements for burst pressure as they near the end of their shelf-date and that they should not be used or be returned to the place where they were purchased for a full refund. The Agency state that there is a risk of a tear or a leak that could lead to pregnancy or the lack of protection from sexually transmitted diseases if used.

The public is encouraged to check the bottom of the outer pack and the foil wrapping of the individual condoms to see if they match with any of the batch numbers below.

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The batches affected in Ireland are:

  • Durex Latex Free 12-Pack, Sku number 3014272: Batch numbers 1000444367 – expiry February 2021 and 1000433145 expires January 2021
  • Durex Real Feel 12-Pack, Sku number 3014277: Batch numbers 1000419930 January 2021, 1000444367 February 2021 and 1000416206 December 2020.

There is also a selection of batches which were placed on the UK market but which may have ended up in Ireland.

The UK batch numbers are:

  • Durex Real Feel 6 Pack: 1000438054
  • Durex Real Feel 12 Pack: 1000444370, 1000474804
  • Durex Real Feel 18 Pack: 1000434066, 1000430479
  • Durex Real Feel 18 Pack (RF Tag): 1000430479

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