A Dublin woman has won a traditional Irish cottage in County Mayo in a raffle raising funds for healthcare workers. 

The raffle has raised almost €1 million and the couple who own the home in Foxford, County Mayo, described the level of interest as "unreal." 

Michelle Hanlon from Dublin was named as the raffle winner. 

Known only by their first names of Patrick and Joan, the Canada-based Irish couple are both COVID-19 survivors and decided to raffle their three-bedroom holiday home to give something back after surviving the virus. 

Patrick is a retired businessman while Joan is a former doctor and their desire to raise money for healthcare workers was fueled by a belief that hospital staff don't get the recognition they deserve. 

The couple, who wished to remain anonymous, set a target of €250,000 and sold tickets for €10 each when they launched the raffle back in June. 

The raffle easily surpassed this, making almost four times more than the original target and the funds raised are being administered by John O'Sullivan, a Dublin-based accountant. 

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O'Sullivan plans to liaise with Siptu, the trade union representing healthcare workers, to dispense the money equally and fairly across the healthcare sector. The money will be used as an education fund after plans to give money directly to healthcare were abandoned due to tax implications. 

For Michelle Hanlon, the winner of Friday's draw, she has now secured a stunning holiday cottage in the west of Ireland. 

The cottage is nestled under the Ox Mountains on the banks of the Yellow River near Foxford in Mayo. 

The 150-year-old cottage has been upgraded to include modern amenities, including internet access and satellite TV, making it perfect for remote working. 

The couple notes that there is a stove in the cottage and the winner of the raffle will have the rights to go and cut their own turf, also known as peat, in the communal bogland. 

The couple strongly recommends burning peat as it scents the air with a distinct aroma. 

The cottage also boasts a meditation pod after an obsolete pump house was converted into a space for relaxation. 

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