The online computer file sharing firm, Dropbox, has followed many other international tech companies, such as Google and Twitter, in establishing a headquarters in Dublin city.

Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny announced Dropbox’s plans to established an international operation center in the city, its first base outside the United States.

Dropbox, a free service, allows users to access and share documents, photos, and videos online, from anywhere in the world. The operations center will bring between 30 and 40 new jobs including multilingual sales, accounts management and user operations to Dublin.

U2’s frontman, Bono, one of the early investors in the company, welcomed their move to Dublin. He said “Dropbox is one of the great tech stories of recent times. Meeting Drew and Arash is like meeting guys in a band. This smart and innovative company will find a smart and innovative workforce here in Ireland, with a creativity and commitment second to none. The Irish Government worked hard on this, and the IDA played a blinder."

Kenny said, “The arrival of a top cloud company like Dropbox indicates Ireland's growing capacity to usher in the next generation of internet companies.

“Ireland has many advantages to offer international companies, including our young, passionate and talented workforce, all of which will be a great asset to Dropbox as they make their new home in Dublin."

Dropbox’s co-founder and chief executive Drew Houston said establishing their Dublin HQ makes the company better positioned to serve people as they grow.

He said, “We're delighted to be closer to millions of our European customers.”

The cloud-based file storage company is one in a long list of US tech companies to set up a non-US headquarters in Dublin, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and LinkedIn.

Mitra Lohrasbpour, the head of business development at Dropbox, said Ireland’s low-tax regime was not the principal factor that drew them to Dublin.

He told the Guardian, "We took a look at cities in Europe with strong technical people - Dublin had a passionate pool of talent. There are many cities were technical company can be successful, but Dublin had a strong user base and they also had multilingual skills that weren't available elsewhere … There are other considerations, such as the timezone, as they had to coordinate with the headquarters in San Francisco, and the expansibility of the office."


Dublin City skyline by nightDamien Kelly