A male friend of Phoebe Prince desperately tried to save her as she told him she was going to commit suicide because of being bullied.

The high school friend frantically texted her as she told him of her despair after another bullying incident.

The texts were first revealed by the Boston Herald newspaper. The Irish girl who had moved to South Hadley from Clare killed herself in January 2010. This week five of he six who bullied her  were sentenced to community service

The text messages state:

(Friend): “Who cares what other people think Phoebe I know you’re a good person,” the student texts.

Phoebe: “I can’t do it anymore . . . im literally hme alone cryn, my scar on my chest is potentially permanent, my bodies (expletive) up ... Du I have to (expletive) od!”(overdose)

The “friend,” whom the Boston Herald did not identify continued to try to help.

(Friend): “No no phoebe ill legit kill mysf too I can live knowing one of my friends died, and the girl who said it is a fat (expletive) anyways so it doesn’t mean (expletive).”

Phoebe: “It wud be easier if he or any1 of them handed me a (expletive) noose.”

(Friend): “Not her she’s a legit a fat (expletive) that’s goin no where in life u are your smart u have so much going for u ... Phoebe of course it would b easy for u but my life would b destroyed.”

Phoebe: “To quote (Tagore), men are cruel, man is kind. One persn cant help me, im a lost cause. Even ppl I once cared for cant help, im a lost cause. Even ppl I once cared for hate me ...”

(Friend): “Honestly phoebe no one is making u do this and if u care for my sanity please don’t please.”

“Someone tried to help,” a  relative of Phoebe Prince told The Boston Herald said, asking to remain anonymous. “But I have mixed feelings. Why didn’t they call somebody?”


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