We've all heard of Irish towns twinned with places as far away as Australia, but how about Mars? Today the Irish press is reporting that a small community near Letterkenny, County Donegal is to be twinned with the red planet in order to raise awareness about climate change. 

The dramatic move was suggested by a group of local artists who were asked by the Donegal County Council to explore the role of art in addressing issues of global warming. 

The Council's Public Arts Manager, Terri Duffy, told the press “I know it’s a bit out there but it is taking a very serious look at the relationship of art and climate change. Some people feel the earth is becoming more Mars like due to the effects of global warming. The artists want to show what’s happening on Mars really does relate to what's happening in Letterkenny,” she said. 

Responding to the initiative Donegal Councilor Noel McBride asked if councilors would be getting an all-expenses paid trip to Mars as part of the project. McBride suggested that the island on Mars be twinned with the tiny Island Roy in Mulroy Bay as name was a loose English translation of its native Irish name of Oilean Ruadh or Red Island. 

“The community on Island Roy would be very happy if they were to be twinned with another island on Mars,” McBride said. The council is currently seeking proposals from members of the public on the most suitable island to be twinned with its counterpart in Mars. You can reach them with your own suggestions by clicking here.