TMZ claims to have uncovered the last message left by The Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan before her death.

The tragic final message left by The Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan before her death in January 2018 was upbeat and cheerful, claim TMZ.

The site published what they allege to be a voicemail left by Limerick-born O’Riordan to her friend, label executive Dan Waithe, with whom she was supposed to be working the next day. With the time mark stamped as 1.12 am on January 15,  2018, the “Zombie” singer was found in her hotel room just hours later at 9 am. Police said her death, at age 46, was sudden although the cause of death has not been released.

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In the clip released by TMZ, O’Riordan talks of how great the American metal band Bad Wolves’ cover of “Zombie” is, speaking of her eagerness to be in the studio the next day to record vocals for their cover track.

It "sounds f****** terribly good," she states.

The Bad Wolves has since decided to release their cover of “Zombie” to mass appeal around the world, pledging to donate proceedings from the song to O’Riordan’s three children.

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The band did make some changes to the lyrics, replacing the reference to the 1916 Easter Rising with a line about having the same issues in 2018, as an attempt to update the song. O’Riordan originally penned the song in 1993 in response to an Irish Republican Army attack that killed two children, referencing back to the violence that had torn about lives in Ireland since the time of the Easter Rising.

O’Riordan shot to fame in the early 90s as the frontwoman for The Cranberries and sold over 40 million records worldwide with massive hits such as “Zombie,” “Linger” and “Dreams.”

Having gone on hiatus in 2003, the group reformed in 2009 but were forced to cancel a 2017 US and European tour with O’Riordan citing back issues.  

The band plan to release a special remastered 25th-anniversary edition of their debut album “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” which they had recorded before O’Riordan’s untimely death.

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