Fianna Fail founder Eamon De Valera’s grandson, Eamon O Cuiv, could walk away from the party on Tuesday night after his latest row with Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin.

O Cuiv has promised to announce a decision on his future with the party at a press conference after months of disagreements with Martin.

The Galway deputy was stripped of the party’s deputy leadership after he urged a no vote in the forthcoming vote on the EU Fiscal Treaty – against party policy.

O Cuiv told the Irish Independent: “I have two choices - leave the party or say nothing about the treaty.

“It is fairly clear to me that I will have to leave the party if I campaign or speak in the media in favour of a No vote in the referendum.”

He insisted to the paper that his grandfather and family heritage would have no bearing on his decision.

“It’s a fairly stark decision that I have to take,” he said.

O Cuiv claimed in the interview that he was sent a letter by party chief whip Sean O Fearghail outlining Fianna Fail rules and its stance on the treaty.

He also stated it was clear that ‘they’ wanted him to leave the party. If he does so he will turn independent rather than join Sinn Fein.

Eamon O Cuiv stands in front of Ireland's Parliamentary building, Leinster HouseGoogle Images