The family of 4-year-old Megan Malone, who is under going treatment for a rare brain tumor in New York will hear this week whether the toddler will require radiotherapy therapy.

Just last October the four year old was diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumour as doctors gave her weeks to live.

Luckily Megan secured a place on a new program at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital, and the Malone family relocated to the U.S.

The Cork toddler, who celebrated her fourth birthday last week has undergone several courses of chemotherapy and in April her parents John and Shelia were informed  there was no longer any trace of cancer in her brain and tumors on her spine have also been dramatically reduced.

Today Megan will undergo yet another MRI scan which will determine if she will need radiotherapy treatment. Dependant on the results, she will need to travel to Boston for further treatment of it is required.

Recently Megan’s parents were delighted when their young daughter was well enough to return to the families temporary home in Yonkers, for the first time in over six weeks.

"She was thrilled to be home with the rest of her family," John Malone told the Irish Examiner.

"She is looking great and is eating and gaining weight.

"We should know the results on Thursday evening, so fingers crossed. There can be only one of two possible results from this MRI. No more treatment needed or radiation therapy required in Boston, which we’re hoping Megan won’t need."

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