Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf underwent a 14-hour long operation in 2010 to separate them from being joined at the chest. Eight years later, and they're off to attend a US summer camp.

The summer of 2018 will be one to remember for Irish twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf. In 2010, the eight-year-old boys went through a 14-hour surgery in London in order to separate the formerly conjoined twins from being joined at the chest.

Now using wheelchairs, the family and the young brothers have traveled to a special camp in Maine that allows children and adults with physical disabilities to enjoy themselves while also receiving the medical care they need.

The Benhaffaf family was also helped out by the generous Brewster Ambulance Service in Boston who treated them to an amazing day out in the city, as well as bringing the boys and their wheelchairs to the camp in Rome, Maine.

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Elizabeth Mangan @AerLingus looking after the Benhaffaf Family on their #Shannon to #Boston flight #greatambassador pic.twitter.com/M1p8reRsPt

— Benhaffaf Foundation (@BenhaffafFound) July 27, 2018

“All of our management team, we all have children and we’ve all been on summer vacation this year,” Jonathan Bobbitt-Miller, a paramedic with Brewster Ambulance Service, told Wicked Local Plymouth.

“We’ve all been able to go on a vacation and not experience medical needs like this.”

Not only did the ambulance service help out with the travel but lucky Hassan and Hussein were given the chance to see Boston and offered a special tour by a group of volunteers who took them to Faneuil Hall, the T.D. Garden, a Red Sox game and the Museum of Science.

Hassan and Hussein as VIP guests of @RedSox in #Boston pic.twitter.com/HsyNeM70lf

— Benhaffaf Foundation (@BenhaffafFound) July 27, 2018

On Tuesday, the ambulance and medical staff were then able to bring the twins to camp where they are most excited to get the chance to do rock-climbing, something they never thought they'd be able to do.

Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf caught the attention of the world media in 2010 as they underwent the long surgery to separate them. Born joined at the chest, their journey was closely followed as they underwent the successful marathon surgery at just five months old.

Here’s hoping they have the best time rock climbing at camp!