Ireland's conjoined twins, now separated, got a huge welcome back to County Cork yesterday.

Parents Angie and Azzedine Benhaff  stepped off an Irish Air Corps aircraft at Cork Airport each holding one of their twin sons, Hassan and Hussein, in their arms.

"Up Cork! Three cheers for the little fighters," Angie shouted to waiting family.

The now five-month-old boys, were born  joined at the chest and were separated after a marathon 14-hour operation at a London hospital.

The world media flocked to the hospital  until the successful separation was announced. The twins became known in the tabloids as 'the little fighters'  

Angie's sister,  Shirley O’Leary, fought back tears and told the Examiner newspaper  the homecoming was like winning the Lotto.

"Angie and Azzedine are elated. They are bringing their boys back home. This is where they belong. There is where we want them," she said.

The twins were taken by ambulance to Cork University Hospital for tests. They are expected to be brought home within days.