Queens, NY and Belfast can be beacons for a diverse and prosperous future, a Big Apple Councilwoman has told the annual New York-New Belfast conference.
And Elizabeth Crowley told delegates at New York’s Pier A that she has been impressed at the transformation she witnessed in Belfast when the council’s Irish Caucus visited the city at Easter 2016.
“I am captivated by the growth happening in Ireland, both in Dublin and in Belfast,” said the council member for New York’s multi-ethnic 30th District. “I see parallels between Queens and Belfast as both have a synergy and exciting energy that is drawing people and businesses from all around the world.”
The Democratic council member said both Queens and Belfast “stand at a precipice on how to really design for the future” with light rail being proposed for Queens to expand tech jobs out from Manhattan and with a bullet train proposal being mooted to link Dublin and Belfast.
She added: “I encourage both of our great cities to look at education and how we might encourage more women in the lucrative tech field. While our tech industries are beginning to boom, we have the obligation to show the world that women are welcome and encouraged to code, design and lead.
“Belfast and Queens are symbols of the 21st Century. They have the ability to be beacons and leaders of business, arts and culture. We have the strength, courage and know-how to grow jobs and at the same time thinking about the environment and quality of life not only for us but for future generations. We can capitalize on these qualities in the workplace and in life, in Queens, in New York City and in Belfast.”
The eighth annual New York-New Belfast conference took place over two days in New York last week and included presentations by business and civic leaders from both cities.