The County Cork BP & P Association will commemorate the centenary of General Michael Collins this Sunday, October 9, at the Cork Hall, 33-01 Greenpoint Avenue, Long Island City, New York.

The General Michael Collins Centennial Commemoration will begin with a Mass at noon followed by cocktails, brunch, and music provided by Donnie Carroll and John Nolan.

AOH historian emeritus and journalist Michael McCormack will be the guest speaker.

Reservations are $30 and all are welcome. Contact Deirdre O’Hea at 516-398-6204 or by

The County Cork Association will commemorate the Centenary of the death of Michael Collins on Sunday, October 9th at the Cork Hall, 33-01 Greenpoint Avenue in Long Island City. See flyer for details.

Posted by County Cork BP & P Association on Monday, September 26, 2022

The Facebook page of the County Cork BP&P Association also has more information.

“General Collins’ role in the War of Independence is known to all Irish people. As the IRA’s director of intelligence, he was able to neutralize the British intelligence network in Dublin and throughout the country. Himself the most wanted man in Ireland, he defied British authorities, traveling freely about on a bicycle under the noses of his enemies. His military genius directed successful maneuvers of the IRA units throughout the country against the might of the British Army, and in this effort, his greatest pride was reserved for Tom Barry and the men and women of his native county,” wrote Mary Cotter Naughton, a member of the Cork Association.

“What would the history of Ireland in the 20th century have been if Michael Collins had lived? That is something we cannot know. But as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of his death, we are challenged by the spirit and vision of Collins, who gave the last full measure of devotion for an Ireland not only militarily and politically free, but a nation with economic and cultural integrity as well.”