IrishCentral is celebrating its 10th birthday this March 15, 2019! Join in our celebration by telling us your IrishCentral story. 

We know we don't look it but next week, IrishCentral is celebrating a whole decade of existence and what a ten years it has been. 

There have been heartbreaking stories—such as the loss of Natasha Richardson, Liam Neeson's wife, and the death of young Irish students in California after a tragic balcony collapse—as well as thought-provoking stories like questioning whether we owe Sinéad O'Connor an apology. 

Yet through it all, it is the passion of IrishCentral readers for all things Irish culture and history that has made getting through those hard stories that little bit easier. 

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And so as we approach this milestone, we'd love to hear from you on why you come back to IrishCentral again and again and continue to build on our global Irish community. We'll publish some of your answers in the coming days as a thank you for staying with us over the past ten years. 

Thank you for reading! Here's to ten years more. 

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