An animal rescue organization in Ireland is urging the public to not adopt turtles and other exotic pets unless they can properly care for them after a Chinese soft-shell turtle was found abandoned.

DSPCA Animal Rescue & Adoption, Ireland’s oldest & largest animal rescue, issued the warning in an Instagram post last week. The Dublin-based animal charity said the species in not native to Ireland and cannot survive in the wild.

The abandoned turtle, named Keane, is now up for adoption.

In a post to their Instagram account @dspcashelte, the organization said:

"Keane arrived into the shelter yesterday after he was found abandoned. He is a Chinese softshell turtle. 

"Turtles are not native to Ireland and cannot survive our winters. This means these were once pets who have been abandoned in ponds, lakes and other areas by their owners. People buy them as small pets, don’t plan for when they grow big and then dump them.

"Turtles need a lot of space, specific lighting, heating and water. Each turtle that we rescue generally cannot be housed together and we need to set up separate tanks for each of them to recover before they can go up for adoption. Today we are asking for your help. Please donate to help us get essential items to provide the best care for abandoned pets like Keane. Donate link in bio.

"Your donation will go towards 200L water tanks, external filters. water heaters and UVB lighting.

"If you are in a position to adopt Keane or another turtle then please get in touch with Caroline at [email protected]

"DO NOT buy these pets if you cannot care for them. They don’t stay small forever!"