Do you have a favorite local pub? One that stands above all others? We want to hear about it.

At IrishCentral, we want you to nominate your favorite pub for our new "Irish pub of the month" series. 

Where is the first place that you plan on going to when the pubs open again in the coming months? And why? 

Does your local pub serve a particularly fine pint of Guinness? Or is the bartender especially friendly and charismatic? Maybe the atmosphere in your local is unmatched around the world or it has an unrivaled live music scene. 

Is your pub an ancient establishment in a remote corner of the world? Or is it a trendy, modern joint putting a new spin on the traditional Irish pub? 

Whatever it is, we want to hear all about it. 

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There is virtually no place in the world untouched by an Irish pub. It doesn't matter if your favorite pub is located slap bang in the middle of Manhattan or in a remote Irish town. As long as it's an Irish pub, we want to know about it. 

We want to support local businesses as they make their first tentative steps back into the world in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

To nominate your pub to feature on IrishCentral, just email and drop us a line. 

We look forward to featuring the many wonderful Irish pubs from around the globe. 

Or if you've regular community news you'd like to share with IrishCentral's audience you can sign up to IrishCentral Storytellers, our contributor's network, and spread your good news with the global Irish community here. 

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