Two Ukrainian women who fled to Ireland following Russia's invasion of Ukraine last year have tied the knot at a ceremony in Dublin. 

Alina and Uliana lived together in Kyiv for 10 years but were unable to tell people they were together because it is "impossible" to be openly gay in Ukraine. 

The  Ukranian couple came to Ireland as refugees on St. Patrick's Day last year and were married at a civil ceremony on November 16. 

"We celebrated ten years together this year. Two years ago I said to Uliana I dreamt that we would go to Iceland and maybe have a fake ceremony," Alina told RSVP Live. 

"And now this. We are married in Ireland. I never dreamed that this would be real for us." 

The couple said they have never spoken to their parents about their relationship but added that they have probably guessed they are together. 

Alina told RSVP Live that they hope to return to Ukraine after the war to tell their parents about their marriage. 

Alina added that their parents do not want to leave Ukraine and said she is particularly afraid for her father, who refuses to leave his home village close to the front line. 

"We are very scared for him because he lives very close to the front line. We speak every day." 

Alina and Uliana are currently living with a "great" host family in Blanchardstown, County Dublin, who they met through LGBT Ireland. 

"They are an Estonian couple who also married this year. They are here maybe 10 years," Alina said. 

Meanwhile, Uliana said she is "so grateful" to Ireland and the Irish people for keeping them safe.