As Covid rages on and Ireland recovers from Storm Barra, one little boy in Co Clare is sending a message of "HOPE" this Christmas around the world that is "oozing positivity and expectation".

Adam Wall, 6, of Furglan National School in Lahinch, County Co, is spreading a message of hope this Christmas with a video created with his class.

Wall's inspiration for the poem "HOPE" came one summer afternoon a bird flew into a classroom and hurt his wing. A little boy, Cian Vaughan, cupped it in his hands until the bird got strong and was able to fly away. Wall looked on at his classmate rescuing the bird and when he got home that evening, he wrote a poem called "HOPE".

Adam read his poem to Cian and then to his whole class. When his teachers heard the poem, they decided to devote a whole school project to the theme of "HOPE". The whole school got involved in making an art project around the poem.

They filmed the results but weren’t quite ready for the incredible reaction they got from their community. They had captured the hearts of parents and friends who all recognized the power of this message of hope this Christmas, and at this time.

Patricia Vaughan, the Principal of the Lahinch school, along with Deputy Principal Monica Dilleen, have been credited by parents as really listening and responding to the children’s skills and talents and have always nurtured every child’s individual strengths.

Vaughan said: "Adam’s poem has inspired me so much. It oozes positivity and expectation. His creativity and ambition have given me greater belief in myself. He has inspired me to be a better leader. I am so proud of him.”

Deputy Principal Dilleen, speaking about the children, said: “I am truly blessed to be part of this fantastic community. I get to see and teach these amazing children every day. I am inspired by all the wonderful children here.”

Adam’s Dad, musician Steo Wall, said "I’m so happy to have chosen a school where children’s creativity is encouraged. I thought all the children in the video were absolutely amazing and have filled our little community with hope this Christmas.”

Well done, Adam!