Television news anchor John King shared personal news about his health live on-air during a panel discussion on COVID-19 vaccines and mandates.

CNN anchor and Chief National Correspondent John King has revealed to viewers that he has multiple sclerosis and is immunocompromised.

"I'm going to share a secret I have never spoken about before. I am immunocompromised, I have multiple sclerosis," King said during a segment on his show "Inside Politics".

"I am grateful my employer says all of these amazing people who work on the floor, who came in here in the last 18 months when we are doing this, are vaccinated now that we have vaccines," explained King, who is of Irish descent with ancestors from Dún Locháin, County Galway.

"I worry about bringing it home to my 10-year-old son who can't get a vaccine. I don't like the government telling me what to do. I don't like my boss telling me what to do. In this case, it's important," he continued.

The panel discussion, which included Margaret Taley, managing editor at Axios, Heather Caygle, congressional reporter for Politico, and Zolan Kanno-Youngs, White House correspondent for The New York Times, joined King for a conversation centered around the recent death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Powell died on Monday morning following complications from COVID, his family announced in a statement.

While Powell had been vaccinated, he had a form of blood cancer called multiple mylenoma, which was an underlying condition that rendered his immune system more vulnerable.

It was Taley's mention of Powell's "weakened immune system" and "other people's non-vaccination that threatened and imperiled him" which prompted King to share his story.