Cindy McCain had borne up wonderfully during her husband John’s funeral until opera singer Renee Fleming performed the Irish ballad “Danny Boy” especially at John McCain’s request.

John McCain’s widow teared up and rested her head on her son JImmy’s shoulder as he put a comforting arm around her.

Grammy-winner  Fleming performed the air about a father’s love for his son at the end of the funeral ceremony at Washington National Cathedral.

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The original air is believed by some to date back to Rory Dall O'Cahan, an Irish harpist who lived in Scotland in the late 17th century, while the lyrics as we know and love them today were penned by a British barrister and prolific songwriter, Frederick Edward Weatherly.

The funeral service featured strong words from Meghan McCain and President Obama clearly directed at the occupant of the White House.

As New Yorker Magazine noted: “Donald Trump’s name was never mentioned. It didn’t have to be. The funeral service for John Sidney McCain III, at the Washington National Cathedral, on this swampy Saturday morning, was all about a rebuke to the pointedly uninvited current President of the United States, which was exactly how McCain had planned it.”

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