Brave Amelia Misischia, 11, competed in her section Monday just two days after emergency surgery on an injured wrist.

Amelia, who competed in the Girls 11-12 heavy and light solo competition, fell while practicing her routine  in her hometown of Chicago.

Amelia is an accomplished Irish dancer. She is a double qualifier for the Worlds, placing 10th at the National Championships in her under-11 category, and 6th at the Regional Championships in the under-11s.

Last Thursday, Amelia was practicing her Worlds routine. She was going up for a click in a set when she slipped and fell to the ground, using her hand to brace herself. She landed on her wrist – and “it hurt,” she told

She was rushed to the Emergency Room where doctors ended up placing four pins in her wrist. Amelia had broken her radius and shifted her growth plate.

But this did not stop Amelia from traveling to Philadelphia that same afternoon to compete in the “Olympics” of Irish dance.

For the brave young Irish dancer, it was surgery Saturday morning, and a flight to the Worlds Saturday afternoon.

Amelia was accompanied by her instructor, Eilish Sullivan of the Eilish Sullivan School of Chicago, her mother Jeanette, and her younger sister, Isabelle, who is also an Irish dancer, but too young to compete in this year’s Worlds.

With the support of Eilish and her family, Amelia went ahead and competed in Girls 11-12 solo competition on Monday. Her mother, Jeanette, said it was dofficult to in tears when she had to cut the sleeve off of Amelia’s dress so her ¾ cast could fit into her dance costume.

Eilish said Amelia did a great routine even though it hurt Amelia's wrist to perform the hard shoe dance.

"It was a lot of stamping and it hurt my muscles,” she said.

Amelia then went on to perform her soft shoe routine, which was not a problem because, as Amelia said, “I was light on my toes.”

Overall, though she wasn’t recalled, Amelia, her family and Eilish are thrilled with the dancer’s performances.

Now the group is just relaxing and enjoying the rest of this exciting week in Philadelphia.

Amelia’s injury could take eight weeks to heal. And as for the pins: “She’ll have them until she’s 21!” said 10-year-old Isabelle.