Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly has strongly defended the United States taking action against the regime of Bashar al-Assad over their use of chemical weapons.

The right wing anchor warned that the U.S. must not “let evil go unchallenged" during the ‘Talking Points’ commentary of his show on Tuesday.

Referring to previous conflicts, O’Reilly said that while America has often “righted many wrongs at great expense,” involvement in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan has made Americans weary of sacrifice.

O’Reilly declared that the U.S. has a “responsibility to stop mass murder when we can.”

He said, “Many evil men and women believe the USA is weak,” and he warned they could be vindicated if the U.S. does not strike Syria.

O’Reilly also criticized conservatives “willing to give Assad a pass because they don’t support President Obama.”

He said, “We should use our power to protect the innocent if we can.”

O’Reilly concluded, “Justice can be imposed by one people only: us."