Former president Bill Clinton, and his daughter Chelsea, are urging  volunteers to join their “Day of Action for New York” on Sunday, November 18. It is the Clinton Foundation’s hope to recruit thousands of volunteers in an effort to help those neighborhoods, badly hit by Hurricane Sandy,with their recovery.

The Foundation’s website states “We will bring people and organizations together to join us for a day of volunteering in a community – one where many of our employees, partners, and friends live and work – that is still picking up the pieces.”

Throughout many neighborhoods in Queens, including the Rockaways and Breezy Point, Staten Island and Long Island the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, which occurred over almost three weeks ago, is still evident.

The Clinton Foundation hopes that “homes, communities, and cities can begin to make progress” with the help of volunteers.

They said “As we've seen through our work, when people come together, we can make a greater impact than any one person or group can do alone.”

To take part email or visit their website here.