The Irish American community has been called upon to help petition the deportation of a former IRA member from the United States after 24 years, which could endanger his life. 

On  Friday, June 5, Malachy McAllister was notified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the United States Department of Homeland Security that he will be deported this Tuesday, June 9.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians is pleading with Irish Americans to rally behind Malachy McAllister as the former IRA member faces imminent deportation on Tuesday.

McAllister is seeking to stay in America after 24 years living here but has been up for deportation every six months by ICE and President Donald Trump's administration.

Long time activist and head of the AOH Freedom for all Ireland Committee, Martin Galvin, has issued a desperate plea on behalf of the Hibernians, America’s most powerful Irish activist organization.

Galvin wrote: “Malachy McAllister, his family, and his supporters have for almost a quarter of a century fought for permanent legal status so the McAllister family can remain in America. For 24 years, Malachy has complied with all U.S. laws, started two successful job-producing businesses, and, due to the untimely death of his first wife, raised two families with children and grandchildren, who are U.S. citizens

"DHS/ICE completely ignores the facts of the Northern Ireland conflict which drove Malachy to seek refuge in America and disregards the Good Friday Agreement by treating Malachy as a criminal.

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"They ignore Cardinal Dolan, Senators Robert Menendez and Charles Schumer, Congressmen Peter King a former chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, Chris Smith who has chaired 19 congressional hearings on human rights in Northern Ireland, Richard Neal chairman of Friends of Ireland, Elliot Engel Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Bill Pascrell Malachy’s own congressman, and they ignore Irish American community leaders and law enforcement officials who support Malachy.

"DHS/ICE literally adds insult to the injury which Malachy sustained last week when he was struck by a car and suffered a broken collarbone that needs medical treatment and makes him unfit for travel. Despite receiving medical documentation and X-rays, DHS/ICE forced him to appear at the Elizabeth Detention Center for a “medical exam” but did not examine his injury or provide the “exam” results. They ignore his severe pain and the serious possibility of compounding his injury.

"Irish America cannot and will not continue to tolerate these actions That’s why we ask you once again to act EARLY on Monday, June 8 to join Cardinal Dolan, Representatives and Legislators from both parties, to keep pressing President Trump and DHS Secretary Chad Wolf to allow McAllister to maintain residence in America. 

"Contact your member of Congress and ask that they contact the Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf on Monday and have them add their voices to our plea for DHS Secretary Chad Wolf to allow McAllister to maintain residence in America.  Remind them you are Irish American and you vote.  Ask for confirmation that they have called and please post your name and the name of the representative you contacted on our Facebook page.

"Also, please Tweet and share the following (below is 278 characters and will fit within  Twitter guidelines).

"@RealDonaldTrump for the sake of the GFA only you can prevent the June 9 deportation of Malachy McAllister, a law-abiding Irish American community leader. Judge Trump Barry cited the injustice in deporting McAllister. Instruct @DHS_Wolf to grant permanent deferral. IRISH AMERICA

"If you do not have access to Twitter call the Homeland Security public comment line at 202-282-8495, it will go right to voicemail just leave your message to ask that Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf grant Malachy McAllister permanent residence.

"On behalf of Malachy, he would like to thank everyone who has supported him and his family’s long struggle for justice."

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