Yet another Irish bishop has admitted his involvement in a clerical abuse probe in which the victims were made to sign oaths of secrecy.

Bishop of Clogher Joseph Duffy said he was involved in at least one civil settlement involving a claim made against the diocese in which a non-disclosure agreement was signed between the diocese and the victims.

He told a Sunday newspaper that it was to his "regret" he did not reveal the abuse claims to police when he first became aware of the allegations in 1989.

Duffy said he was sworn to secrecy by the victims' parents at the time of the incident.

A spokesman for the Bishop said he had cooperated civil authorities by handing over "all known records" to them.

Duffy's admission follows the news that Ireland's top prelate, Cardinal Sean Brady, was involved in a similar case in 1975 concerning the abuse of two boys by notorious pedophile priest Father Brendan Smyth. The boys were also told to take a vow of silence.

Brady admitted he was wrong and should have called the police regarding the charges. He has offered to resign if Pope Benedict XVI asks him to.