Anjelica Huston, who spent much of her childhood in Ireland and once posed in fur for British Vogue, has appealed to Simon Coveney, Minister for Agriculture  to ensure that Ireland honors its commitment to ban fur farming in the upcoming Animal Health and Welfare Bill.

The BAFTA and Academy Award-winning actress wrote to the agriculture minister on behalf of PETA and the Animal Rights Action Network.

She wrote “This issue means a lot to me as I grew up in Ireland and used to wear fur. I had a change of heart when I learned how minks and foxes on fur farms are crammed into tiny, dirty cages and driven so crazy by the confinement that many self-mutilate and even cannibalize their cage mates", writes Huston.

"Please use your considerable power to follow through on the commitment to add Ireland to the growing list of countries—including Northern Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, and Great Britain—that have banned the cruel practice of fur farming."

Huston, who was given a PETA US Humanitarian Award in 2010 for her work with the international organization, joins an ever-growing list of notable fur-wearers who have had a change of heart and now speak up for animals.

Eva Mendes shed her furs and then hosted PETA's anti-fur video exposé, and the White House revealed that Michelle Obama also does not wear fur.

PETA and its affiliates have reached out to and received assurances from many other celebrities, such as Carla Bruni and Victoria Beckham, that they wear only fake fur.

Here’s some footage of fur farms in Ireland from 2003:

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