Andrew Jordan has slammed the Indian justice system as "a farce"

Dublin native Andrew Jordan, 42, has slammed the Indian justice system as “a farce” after the two men accused of brutally murdering his girlfriend Liga Skromane were released on bail.

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In 2018, Skromane, a native of Latvia who had been living with her longtime boyfriend Andrew Jordan in Ireland, was found dead after she disappeared in India. She had been attending a wellness retreat where she was receiving PTSD treatment with her sister in the Indian state of Kerala.

Skromane, 33, was reported missing on March 14, 2018. Her body was found 40 days later, beheaded and hanging from a tree not far from where she was last seen. Police believe Skromane had been drugged and raped prior to her gruesome death.

Jordan told the Mail Online: “although Liga went missing on March 14, I don't think she was killed until early April."

"The official police theory is that she was killed the day she disappeared, but I showed photos of her remains to independent forensic scientists and they told me that the state of decomposition looked like she had been dead for 20 to 25 days, 30 days at the very most - not 40 days as police contest.”

An investigation led to the arrest of two men, known only by their first names Umesh and Udayan, who were charged with first-degree murder and rape. The men have been released on bail until a trial date is set.

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Speaking with the Mirror Online, Andrew explained how he traveled to India to attend the initial hearing, but was discouraged to learn that the two accused men did not even turn up in court, which may place further delays in proceedings.

The next hearing has been scheduled for June 12 where it is anticipated that a trial date will be set.

Jordan said, "Why are they out on bail in the first place?"

"If those guys did what they are accused of doing to Liga then they are animals and they should not be allowed to roam the streets."

"If they are guilty then they are a clear danger to other women."

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Jordan added: "It's been almost one year since Liga's body was recovered.”

"We were promised that Liga's case was being fast-tracked but the hearing just to set a date for the trial has been postponed already. It's ridiculous.”

"I try not to let it get to me but the delays just prove that it's not really being taken seriously.”

"The defense are using the usual tactic of delaying the case. It's so frustrating.”

"The two accused are alleged to have confessed to the crime.”

"We were told that the police have an airtight case against them so why are they allowed out on bail?

"It's a total farce."

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Of returning to India, where he had spent time searching for his girlfriend after her disappearance last year, Jordan says: "It's hard. All these memories come flooding back with everything I see that reminds me of Liga.”

"I don't know how much longer I can take it out here."

However, the Irish man remains focused on his mission: "My main objective now is to build a campaign to secure justice for Liga. I need to organize fundraisers and form a plan of attack. I also want to find a good lawyer in India who understands the inside mechanics of the justice system here.”

"I've been speaking to other families who have had daughters, nieces, and nephews killed while on holiday in India. When you look at these cases you start to see a very similar pattern between them all."