Jason Corbett, a native of Co Limerick, was murdered by his wife and father-in-law in North Carolina in 2015

The murder of Irish man Jason Corbett is set to be explored during an hour-long episode of CBS News’ ‘48 Hours' this weekend.

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Hosted by CBS investigative journalist Maureen Maher, ‘In Jason’s Name’ will air on Saturday, April 20 in the US.

SATURDAY: An Irish businessman is killed by his American au-pair-turned-wife and her father. They claim self defense.

The dead man's sister fights to clear his name. https://t.co/H08dqBP4NK pic.twitter.com/g2XvtZ8Wmt

— 48 Hours (@48hours) April 17, 2019

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After his wife passed away, Jason, a native of Co Limerick, had decided he needed help with his two children Jack and Sarah.

Jason met Molly Martens, a native of Tennessee, in Ireland and hired her as an au pair. The two started dating and got married in 2011 before settling into their North Carolina home.

However, after the marriage, Jason had told his family back in Ireland that Molly had begun to act strange and that he wished to return to Ireland to live.

On August 2, 2015, Jason’s father-in-law Tom Martens called the police to say he had intervened in an argument between Jason and Molly and said he "may have killed" Jason.

Molly and her father claimed self-defense, with Molly saying that Jason had become abusive. A jury, however, found Tom and Molly guilty of second-degree murder in 2017 and the two were sentenced to 20-25 years in prison, a decision which they are now appealing.

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In the Facebook group ‘Jason’s Journey,’ a statement from Tracey Corbett-Lynch, whom Jason's two children now live with in Ireland, said the decision to take part in the CBS documentary was made in order “to challenge every lie and scurrilous allegation leveled against his [Jason’s]  good name by those who will resort to anything in their bid to evade justice for their crimes:”

The decision taken by family members and Friends to participate in the CBS Documentary is part of our ongoing commitment...

Publiée par Jason’s Journey sur Lundi 15 avril 2019

The statement adds that Jason's parents have endorsed the documentary and that no one who participated in the documentary was compensated nor had the approval of the final version of the program before it airs.

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You can watch a sneak peek of ‘In Jason’s Name’ here: