“To know Alex Collins was to love him,” Drake Irish Dance South Florida said on social media on Tuesday, the day after the news emerged that Collins had died.

Collins, who previously played in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens, was killed in a motorcycle collision in Lauderdale Lakes on Sunday night, August 13, officials said.

The 28-year-old famously incorporated Irish dance into not only his training but also his touchdown celebrations on the field.

“His journey with Drake Irish Dance began with him teasing his sister and some of her dance friends that it wasn’t a sport," the Irish dance school said on social media Tuesday.

"Tasked with picking Bryanne up from class one night, he accepted a challenge from us to come to training with our champs the very next day. 

“An hour into the workout, sweating profusely but with a smile on his face, Alex fell in love with Irish dance and we fell in love with Alex. 

“He incorporated Irish dance into his conditioning routine, while contemplating whether he was going to declare for the NFL Draft.

“In the world of football, Alex was in the spotlight; in the studio, he was determined to learn and an amazing cheerleader for my dancers. He was one of them, offering encouragement, motivation, empathy, and silliness

“Our 'Mitch Finn' found ways to make us all laugh hard, while simultaneously nurturing us to all be better. He set an example to never give up, always push yourself no matter the obstacle and to enjoy every precious moment. 

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“After Alex was drafted to the Seattle Seahawks, he continued dancing to help with his footwork. He wasn’t afraid to be different and to jig in the end-zone to celebrate a touchdown

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“Alex made us so proud as he became an ambassador for Irish dance around the world, yet always made time to come back home to support our Irish dance community and his Drake family.

"He never admitted out loud that Irish dancing is a sport, but his dedication to it showed us his real feelings. 

“We will cherish our memories of Alex and he will be missed beyond measure.

"We grieve with the Gatewoods and the rest of Alex’s family, and send them our deepest sympathies."