Farren's Bar in Malin, County Donegal is considered 'Ireland’s most northerly pub.' A recent YouTube video of the bar went viral in just 24 hours.

The video, which was featured on Guinness Guru's YouTube channel, was viewed over 12,000 times in 24 hours.

Established in 1825, Farren's Bar, which looks out over the Atlantic Ocean, has been in the Farren family for six generation, according to CuriousIreland.ie.

Daragh Curran, The Guinness Guru, traveled to the pub last month, where he met with owner Hugh Farren. In the 15-minute video, they discuss the history of the pub, as well as the filming of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" in the area in May 2016. (The bar has a mural of Yoda painted on one of its outside walls.)

#StarWars #Malinhead getting in the mood pic.twitter.com/zZg3cwB6PV

— Farren's Bar (@FarrensBar) April 21, 2016

After the chat, Farren pulls Curran a pint of Guinness, which goes for the local price of €4.60.

Talking directly to his YouTube viewers, Curran says: “Hugh was a little bit nervous. Not about the talking but about the pint. It looks good to me. She’s fat and creamy. There was love and care and compassion put into this."

He says that Farren, who admitted he was more nervous about pouring a perfect pint than he was about filming the interview, takes great pride in his Guinness. 

"Not a whole lot bad to say about that lads," Curran says, after taking a gulp.

"It’s good," he adds, giving the nearly perfectly poured Guinness a score of 8.3 out of 10.

According to Donegal Live, The Guinness Guru's video about Farren's Bar was uploaded on Bank Holiday Monday and quickly garnered thousands of views.

On his channel, which has over 56,000 subscribers, Curran travels around Ireland and other cities around the world, testing and reviewing pints of Guinness.