Four Irish names - Carey, Dallas, Ferris, and Sloane - are poised to become trendy in 2023, the experts at Nameberry have predicted.

The uncommon Irish names are set to be part "of a revival of 80s-inspired names by ahead-of-the-curve admirers of this retro style," Nameberry said in December last year.

"By rights, these names should be at the height of unfashionableness… and yet," Nameberry says. "Their nostalgic charm and countercultural appeal really speak to the current zeitgeist."

Irish names "so out they're in" for 2023:


Carey, meaning "dark, black," is an Irish name that's suitable for both boys and girls. Nameberry notes that the variously spelled trendy name in the 1970s hasn't even been in the Top 1000 in a decade. In 1975, it was the 304th most popular name in the US, but dropped down to 904th in 1985.


Dallas, which, of course, is also a place name, has Irish roots and means "skilled," Nameberry says. Like Carey, this uncommon Irish name is suitable for both boys and girls. In 2021, Dallas was the 201st most popular name for boys and the 635th most popular name for girls in the US. Nameberry says this "relaxed, laid-back cowboy name with broad appeal" still has "plenty of life left for girls."


Ferris, a boy's name, is of Irish origin meaning "strong man or ironworker." The surname Ferris can derive either from the Irish name Fergus, meaning "strong man," or from the English surname Ferrers, referring to a blacksmith or ironworker. Nameberry predicts that Ferris will grow in popularity in 2023 amidst a surge in 80s-styled names thanks to none other than Ferris Bueller.


Sloane is another Irish name that can be used for either girls or boys, though Nameberry notes that it's almost exclusively used for girls these days. In 2021, Sloane was the 143rd most popular name for girls in the US. Its predicted surge in popularity goes hand in hand with Ferris.

*Originally published in January 2023. Updated in September 2023.