U2 is going down a treat both on and off the stage in Australia.  The band is currently on tour Down Under and the reviews have been rave, of course, and fans have had an opportunity to see the Irish stars up close.

We’ve had our huge problems with wildfires in California, and Australia, unfortunately, is no different.  It’s nearly summertime there and bushfires have been raging in New South Wales, but first responders in Melbourne flying to the scene to give assistance got a lovely surprise when they ran into U2 at the airport.  The band delayed their flight to Adelaide to greet the firefighters and take pictures.

“The band members shook just about everyone’s hand and gave all our members a big pat on the back for the work they have been doing. Bono and the Edge told CFA members they’re doing a great job and they took such a keen interest in everyone’s story," said Country Fire Authority commander Mark Kennedy.

“There were a few big fans among our crew, so it was a pretty special moment for many of our members who were about to depart to assist at the NSW bushfires.”

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Bono was equally thrilled to meet some of Australia’s genuine heroes.

“It wasn't just being nice. We really wanted to say it and we really meant it. Thanks for keeping people safe,” Bono told the firefighters.

“We really appreciate it so that's what we want to say.” 

U2 has also taken up the cause of some Aussie journalists who apparently were subject to Australian Federal Police raids because of their reporting on national security matters. 

“Truth is the bedrock … and journalists are its guardian angels,” Bono said last week after his band’s opening Australian concert in Brisbane.

Not surprisingly, Bono also urged action on climate change. 

“The way we live in one place affects life in every other place,” he said.  “None of us is really an island. From rising sea levels in one country to catastrophic fires in yours, big crisis, global crisis but we can put out these fires if we act together as one.”

U2 will be Oz almost till the end of next week. Then it’s on to Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and India for shows that will keep them on the other side of the world until December 15.

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