Colm Flynn caught up with some senior Irish immigrants celebrating Christmas in Queens

Irish immigrants gathered together recently at the New York Irish Center in Queens for their annual Christmas luncheon.

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Reporting for RTÉ Today, Colm Flynn chatted with immigrants who came from all corners of Ireland in search of a new life in the US.

“All the Irish here came to New York for a better life, not really knowing what lay ahead,” said Flynn.

At the luncheon, he spoke with Irish people who came from Dublin, Leitrim, Kerry, Mayo, and Westmeath. They worked in all different kinds of jobs upon arriving stateside.

One woman, who was only 17 years old when she left Ireland, told Flynn, “I was coming for 2 years, and 57 years later, here I am.”

Opened in 2005, the New York Irish Center works to be a hub for Irish immigrants in the New York City area. Paul Finnegan, head of the center, said the Queens has the highest Irish population of any of New York City's five boroughs.

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You can support the New York Irish Center and their work by donating online.

Watch Colm Flynn reporting for RTÉ Today from the New York Irish Center here:

The New York Irish Center

CHRISTMAS FOR THE SENIOR IRISH IN NEW YORK Our reporter Colm Flynn is bringing us some of the sights and sounds from New York all this week on the show, and today he visited the Irish Center in Queens where the Irish senior citizens were celebrating their Christmas party!

Publiée par RTÉ Today sur Mercredi 19 décembre 2018

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