Valentine’s Day, February 14, is nearly here yet again!

There’s an old Irish proverb “your feet will take you where your heart is” and for many IrishCentral readers, Ireland is where their heart is.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we're calling on our global Irish community to submit an Irish love story to our contributors' network IrishCentral Storytellers to be featured on

Over the years, IrishCentral has been lucky enough to share some truly romantic stories - from a Canadian dentist who fell in love after just a brief encounter with a redhead in County Clare, to a modern-day love story that will bring at least a smile if not a tear to your face!

Love looks different to different people. Whether you’ve fallen in love with the green hills of Ireland and the warmth of its people, or you found the love of your life in Ireland and lived happily ever after, IrishCentral wants to hear your story!

Maybe you met your Irish Romeo many moons ago during rambles around Ireland?

Tell us, perhaps, of the feelings of love that washed over you the first - or hundredth! - time you visited Ireland.

How do you and your loved ones mark Valentine’s Day - do you have an old Irish tradition that you observe?

Maybe you have some advice on dating Irish men and women - please, do share!

Seaside or cityscapes - what do you think the most romantic spot in Ireland is?

Or, perhaps, you’d like to pen an ode to your favorite Irish snack - no judgment here!

Be it heartwarming, tearjerking, or laugh-inducing, you can share your Irish love story over on our contributors' network IrishCentral Storytellers. Please keep your submission to between 500 and 1,000 words, and feel free to submit accompanying photos and videos as well!

IrishCentral will showcase the best Irish love stories from our community in the run-up to St. Valentine’s Day on February 14.

*Originally published in February 2022. Updated in February 2023.