Sean Corcoran crafted a stunning thank you note to healthcare workers in the sand at Kilmurrin Cove in Co Waterford.

Sean Corcoran, an Irish environmental artist, has crafted a stunning thank you note to the heroic healthcare workers at the frontline of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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Corcoran has been self-isolating at his and his wife’s Co Waterford art school, The Art Hand, following a return to Ireland from the Llano Environmental Art Festival (LEAF) in Llano, Texas. Corcoran acknowledges that in retrospect, he wouldn't have traveled if he knew how dire the coronavirus situation was going to become.

However, not experiencing any coronavirus symptoms, Corcoran ventured to the nearby Kilmurrin Cove, a beach spot which he has been using as his own “personal giant Etch-A-Sketch” for the past few years.

Corcoran notes that he was prepared to remain in his van if other people were at the beach, but, as he expected, it was deserted during his recent visit.

At Kilmurrin Cove, Corcoran crafted his latest sand-art installation: an adaptation of the iconic “Superman” symbol that replaces the “S” with a medical cross as a way to show his thanks to the nation’s healthcare workers.

Sean Corcoran's thank you note at Kilmurrin Cove. (Sean Corcoran at The Art Hand / Dónal O'Flynn Media)

Sean Corcoran's thank you note at Kilmurrin Cove. (Sean Corcoran at The Art Hand / Dónal O'Flynn Media)

Corcoran said his piece was in tribute to “all the doctors, nurses and hospital staff for their amazing bravery at this difficult time. 

“The dedication that you are all showing is extraordinary,” he added. “You are our heroes.” 

He added: “Now it’s our turn to play our part. We need to support the frontline staff by acting responsibly. We need to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, our neighbours, and the wider community. We need to stop the spread of this virus. We need to be informed and we need to take this seriously.”

This special message was created by sand artist Sean Corcoran on The Copper Coast in Ireland yesterday. Sean had the...

Publiée par The Art Hand sur Dimanche 29 mars 2020

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Reflecting on his own time in self-isolation, Corcoran said it’s been “like an artist’s retreat for me. 

“I’m making the most of it, staying busy, pottering at this and that, doing yoga, practicing mindfulness, creating some art and making additions to the loft. I’m working on a mosaic that will be installed above the window. 

Corcoran added: “Huge respect to my wife Miranda who is doing all the real-world stuff. I was so excited to receive a delivery of a week’s fruit rations!”

He acknowledged that the closure of The Art Hand means his family’s income will be reduced for a while, but he believes “business will recover as people seek ways to celebrate having weathered the storm.”

In the meantime, Corcoran says that time for contemplation is a positive, as is the marked recovery of environmental conditions.

You can learn more about The Art Hand here on Facebook.

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