The popular "Real Talks with Alan O’Mara" podcast series announced its return this month and will feature a new weekly format and a slate of brilliant Irish guests.  

IrishCentral is delighted to be teaming up with host Alan O'Mara and executive producer Mary Kate Boylan to bring the podcast - which originated in Ireland and is now based in New York - to our global audience each week.

"Real Talks with Alan O’Mara" celebrates leading figures from music, sport, art, and life. Each episode will feature vulnerable discussions that empower listeners to live happier, healthier, and more successful lives.

New episodes drop every Wednesday and will include unique chats with the likes of Irish comedian Katie Boyle, GAA legend Oisin McConville, journalist Evanne Ní Chuilinn, as well as regular check-ins with the Real Talks duo of Alan and Mary Kate. 

“I am so grateful to the hundreds of thousands of people who have watched or listened to previous conversations, and I am so excited for this next chapter of the Real Talks journey," Alan said ahead of the podcast's return this month.

"We will continue to celebrate inspiring, authentic Irish people and promote diverse voices from all walks of life."

Catch up on "Real Talks with Alan O’Mara" 

The first episode of the new season of the podcast dropped on March 6, with Alan and Mary Kate discussing the return of the podcast and what listeners can expect from weekly episodes:

For the second episode on March 15, Alan chatted with Katie Boyle, an Irish comedian living in New York City and the host of "The Shift" podcast.

The two not only spoke about their experiences living and working in The Big Apple, but also shared their own experiences of therapy - how they got there, the impact it’s had, and other reflections on their respective journeys:

On March 20, Alan and Mary Kate reflected on the conversation with Katie, and also discussed their experiences of starting therapy on different sides of the Atlantic, hitting rock bottom, and talked about the importance of good friends:

About Real Talks

Host Alan O'Mara is a former Cavan GAA footballer turned mental performance coach and executive producer Mary Kate Boylan is a former producer for CBS News and an accomplished harpist. The duo, who are getting married in Ireland this summer, produce Real Talks podcasts and videos from either their NYC apartment (aka Real Talks HQ) or Stella & Fly.

Real Talks has been Alan's passion for more than a decade. For years, he traveled around Ireland to as many schools, dressing rooms, and companies as possible, to share his mental health journey and key lessons that helped him emerge from the depression that took hold of his life, a journey he wrote about in his memoir "The Best Is Yet To Come."

Since 2024, Real Talks US Inc. has operated from New York City and delivers three specific services - a weekly podcast, mental performance coaching for sports teams, and keynote speeches on well-being and leadership.

You can learn more about Real Talks on its website, Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, and TikTok pages.

You can also subscribe to "Real Talks with Alan O'Mara" on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts by searching "Real Talks with Alan O’Mara."