#PaddyMovies will have you laughing until the far side of Saint Patrick’s Day.

We all know the Irish like a good Twitter joke and viral trend (see Storm Emma and its multitude of bread tweets or Storm Ophelia for that matter) but the Saint Patrick’s Day trend #PaddyMovies has really got us laughing.

The concept is simple: pick a film and give it a little bit of the Irish treatment. For example, in the IrishCentral offices, we came up with “A Tayto of Two Cities,” giving a nod to the classic Irish crisps (chips).

Here are some of our favorites but if you come up with your own, be sure to leave to in the comments section, below.

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@SeanMoncrieff The Hills Have Diddly-eyes #PaddyMovies

— Ivan Corless (@ivancorless) March 16, 2018

G’wan with the wind 🍀💨 #paddymovies

— Ricardo (@twitarman616) March 16, 2018

Jaysus Christ Superstar. #PaddyMovies

— Conor Leeson (@conorleeson) March 16, 2018

#paddymovies @SeanMoncrieff Shitehawk down.

— Mick O'Donoghue (@mickodd) March 16, 2018

There were lots of mentions of Irish food and drink: 

@SeanMoncrieff @ivancorless The Hunt for Red Lemonade #paddymovies

— Gerard O'Shea (@osheagerard) March 16, 2018

A Room with a Stew #PaddyMovies @SeanMoncrieff @ivancorless

— Gerbob Collis (@GERB0B) March 16, 2018

@SeanMoncrieff @ivancorless#paddymovies
Remains of the tae

— Lien Lynch (@lieniebeanie) March 16, 2018

@SeanMoncrieff Pint Break #PaddyMovies @ivancorless

— John King (@SeanMacAnRi) March 16, 2018

Tayto Recall #PaddyMovies @ivancorless @SeanMoncrieff @crinklecutchips

— Aibhril Ní Chiardha (@AvrilCarey) March 16, 2018

50 Shades of Tay @ivancorless @SeanMoncrieff #PaddyMovies

— Gina Duffy (@ginaduffy) March 16, 2018

He's Just Not That Into Stew #PaddyMovies @ivancorless @SeanMoncrieff

— Jamie Hogan (@FCTwenteBenson) March 16, 2018

Of course, there has to be a mention of Penneys (Primark), our favorite store:

The Devil Wears Primark #PaddyMovies

— John Kelly (@BallygallJohn) March 16, 2018

Penny's, Dreadful #PaddyMovies @SeanMoncrieff @ivancorless

— Neil Curran (@ImprovNeil) March 16, 2018

Can you come up with any better ones? Leave your suggestions in the comments section, below.