Margaret Brown, who feeds up to 600 people on December 25, has received calls from as far afield as Spain and Holland.

The Irish woman has been arranging Christmas Day lunches for people living alone for the past 32 years. 

This year, Brown has received calls from European people from people eager to attend.

According to, the generous mum has been organizing the festive feasts since seeing people at a local hall eating lumpy soup and cold meat, with no heating to keep them warm.

The Sandycove, Dublin-native said that the demand is "enormous" to attend the annual 'Dun Laoghaire Christmas Day Lunch' but she can only cater for 300 people in Blackrock Rugby Club from 10.30am to 2.30pm. 

Mrs. Brown’s homeless dinners will also be going to Bentley House Homeless services in Monkstown, Dublin, to members of the Traveling Community and to families living in caravans in nearby Dun Laoghaire and Ballyogan. All together they will be looking after an incredible 600 people on Christmas Day.

“I suppose the Christmas feast is the victim of its own success. The numbers we feed seems to grow every year," she said.

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Lovely piece by Sarah Slater in the Irish Daily Mail on Sandycove's Margaret Brown who has been providing a hearty Christmas lunch for people who live alone. 32 years and counting!

— Cllr. Cormac Devlin (@CormacDevlin) December 3, 2018

"It’s absolutely wonderful to have people as far afield as Spain and Holland wanting to come along but, I had to turn them down, as the demands from people even living in other counties such as Tipperary and Wexford is enormous."

She poignantly noted, “For most people here in Ireland, Christmas is a time for family, friends and celebrations. For others, its a time of loneliness, isolation and risk."

Margaret Brown and Cllr. Cormac Devlin at the 29th Christmas Lunch in 2015

Margaret Brown and Cllr. Cormac Devlin at the 29th Christmas Lunch in 2015

As always, she is also looking for more volunteer drivers this year to help bring people to and from the venue. In an earlier interview with, Brown said that organizers do not take to the street looking for money - instead, they host an annual fashion show in December to raise funds and rely on the generosity of close family and friends to help out.

“You often hear of people complaining about having too many people to cater for on Christmas Day but Margaret has hundreds to deal with and she never complains," local politician Cormac Devlin (pictured above) said.

"Fundraising for the growing event has been taking place all year so it will be a marvelous day," she added.