These Irish phrases will come in handy when it's St. Patrick's Day!

Learning Irish? You can practice with this YouTuber who learned a few Irish phrases ahead of St. Patrick's Day.

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Travel and adventure vlogger Miranda the Adventurer teamed up with Catríona from the Gaelic League in Los Angeles to learn some basic Irish language phrases that are essential for March 17, including “Would you like a Guinness?”

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How to speak Irish on St Patrick’s Day:  

How to speak Irish on Saint Patrick's Day

Want to order your pint of Guinness in Irish on Saint Patrick's Day? This fantastic video from MirandaTheAdventurer and An Croí Ait takes you through the basics of the Irish language just in time for the celebrations. You can read up more on the language here:

Posted by on Dé hAoine, 16 Márta 2018

You can find more great videos from Miranda the Adventurer on her Facebook page or YouTube account.

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