Sir David Attenborough, the renowned broadcaster and natural historian, has sent warm wishes to Irish nature photographer Tina Claffey following the launch of her latest book 'Portal,' which documents the flora and fauna within Ireland’s bogs, wetlands and eskers. 

In a letter seen by IrishCentral, Attenborough thanked Claffey for sending him a copy of the book and remarked on how much he enjoyed its predecessor 'Tapestry of Light.'

In the letter, he said: "Thank you very much indeed for sending me a copy of 'Portal'. I know I shall enjoy it greatly, just as I did its predecessor, It is extremely generous of you and I wish it every success."

A letter from David Attenborough to Irish photographer Tina Claffey.

A letter from David Attenborough to Irish photographer Tina Claffey.

Last year, Claffey told IrishCentral of her journey from documenting the 'macro’ wildernesses of Africa to documenting the ‘micro’ wilderness that is the Irish boglands

In comparing them she said, "Of course, they are completely different worlds, you are going from the bigger wilderness to the minute, but the bog is an incredible wilderness. I am constantly finding species in the bog that you will not find anywhere else.”

Check out: ‘Portal - Otherworldy Wonders of Ireland's Bogs, Wetlands and Eskers’ which is available via Currach Press. For more visit

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