In the run to Saint Valentine's Day, we're indulging our gushy side and reveling in beautiful Irish loves stories such as this Wisconsin girl, Beth, who fell in love with Oliver's Irish accent and how a case of crossed wires almost saw these lovebirds become star-crossed lovers.

My husband, Oliver and I met in 1976 when we were both working in the same hotel in London.  I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he’s from Lismore, County Waterford.   

We hit it off immediately.  I fell in love with his Irish accent and the way he could make me laugh.  I also couldn’t resist his unique pick-up line, “Yankee, I want your body!”  How could I say no!

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We continued our romance for six months until I decided to leave the hotel to take a position as a wine stewardess on a Greek cruise ship.  We had one last romantic dinner where we exchanged home addresses and phone numbers and off I went.  I worked on the ship for six months and when I returned to London at the end of my tour I called Oliver and told him that I was returning to the States.  We made plans to meet the next night at Wimpy’s, near Victoria Station, before heading out for a farewell dinner.

I was staying in the dorm at the YWCA and all the other girls helped me get ready for my big night.  I was giddy with anticipation and couldn’t wait till Oliver and I were together again, even if it would be the last time.

Off I went to Wimpy’s and sat down waiting for Oliver to show up.  And wait I did, for 45 minutes.  I finally realized he wasn’t coming.  Oliver had stood me up! 

I went back to the “Y” with a heavy heart knowing that I was flying back to the States the next morning without the goodbye I was so looking forward to.

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Back home I quickly got back into a normal routine.  I found a new job, moved into my own apartment and started dating.  However, I never forgot my crazy Irishman.  How he could make me laugh and how I felt when he held me tight. 

The years passed by until one night in 1979.  I was alone in my apartment when the phone rang.  I answered it and I was surprised to hear the familiar Irish accent that had captured my heart all those years before.

It was Oliver and the first thing out of his mouth was, “Where were you?”  I countered with “I was there, where were you?”  It turns out that we had BOTH shown up that night three years earlier, but we were at different Wimpy’s.  We had both left that evening thinking the other one had stood us up.

After having a good laugh, Oliver asked me to move back to London to live with him.  I said yes and was practically on the next plane out.

And that brings us to the present.  We have been married for 33 wonderful years. And my crazy Irishman can still make me laugh.

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