A new collection aims to give us a greater understanding of the history of the Irish language in America.

Have you ever spoken or heard Irish being spoken in the United States? You are the holder of invaluable information that this collection wants to hear about. 

Dr. Séamus Dillon of Waterford Institute of Technology in Waterford, Ireland, intends to create a repository of memories, experience(s), interaction etc. with spoken Irish in America.

He believes that it is important that these are preserved and protected for future generations and research with the information adding to our understanding of the history of spoken Irish in America and spoken Irish in America today.

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The first step in this research is the collection of all this information; focusing on several people:

  • People who have memories of spoken Irish in America when they were younger;
  • People who have heard stories about spoken Irish in America a long time ago;
  • People who spoke/speak Irish in America;
  • Anyone who has any information (no matter how small you may feel it be) on spoken Irish in America now or historically.

Dr. Dillon told IrishCentral that he "would really appreciate for you to get in touch if you have any such memories or if you have any knowledge of the use of spoken Irish in America."

You can send these stories/ this information to sdillon@wit.ie. Please make sure to add your name, your location, and the place to which the information refers. Please understand that it is the intention that these stories be edited (if necessary) and published and/or made available for general public reference.

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* Originally published in 2016.